Being a registered Childminder it is my responsibility to provide a range of learning activities for your child’s development within the E.Y.F.S no matter what's your child's ability, culture and development stage. Working with the child parent/s and if you see that I haven’t got an activity or toy your child may gain using or doing I’ll do my utmost to provide  (if it’s in my budget) or we can talk over a way around to provide the activity or toy

A small list of the activities and toys I have for your child

Water play -  Sand play - Painting - Colouring - Drawing - Art and crafts - Messy play 

Dancing - Music - singing - instruments - plays and shows (acting) 

Park - Zoo - Children centres (Sure-Start) - Toy Library - Book Library 

Fire Station - Beach - walks - Shopping - Baking 

Number Games - Colour Games - Jigsaws - activity sheets - arrange of board games 

Plenty of toys and games - Roll-play - Dressing up clothes - television - Plasticine Animation

Sea Fishing - seasonal summer outdoor events - Nature walks - wildlife 

Coach Tips 

My backyard garden play and learn area

Pesticides free and all plants are safe from doing any harm

Learn to grow the children's own 

Vegetables - Flowers - Herbs

Also have fun with water and sand play and other activities 



These are just some of the my fun activities and toys I have, on your visit you will see what I can offer you and your child for his/her learning development. All the activities are done within the E.Y.F.S for children 0 - 5 years of age, what activities your child likes doing and Interested in.


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